Among female idols, LE SSERAFIM seems to have really strong fandom growth

The agency’s support is amazing, but the chemistry between the members is good too, so I think they’ll gain a lot of fans.

Their year-end stages were really quality so I was impressed

1. I think fans of HYBE idols all like LE SSERAFIM ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. Seriously, the quality of their year-end stages was really good

3. For real, not only one stage, but all of their stages are so high quality, so I was surprised that they had to practice a lot

4. I was really impressed when I saw their stage, so I started following them and became a fan after that

5. I’m sure they gained a lot of fans during the year-end period

6. Huh Yunjin is so good…

7. Eunchae is so cute ㅠㅠ

8. The five members have good chemistry

9. A HYBE group that you should trust and listen to!

10. Sakura and Kim Chaewon already have their fandoms, Huh Yunjin has a lot of people waiting for her debut, and Kazuha got good reactions as soon as they debuted, and Eunchae seems to be so popular because she became everyone’s maknae these days

11. You guys should watch their stages

12. I love watching LE SSERAFIM’s stage these days

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don’t forget Kim Garam, because she’s the one who’s actually elevate the group to new high before things take off.


how is she elevating the group to new high


yes, her leaving saved lesserafim. thank you!


she was the reason why people were boycotting and hating on le sserafim in the first place.
ever since garam left, le sserafim receive lots of love

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This is why group like itzy still can sell their tour pretty well n have pretty high album sales. Despite they already lose hype n doing so so on music charts, their fans who stan them due to performance not gonna easily left them. I think its really unstable, if people stan the group just purely due to popularity, visual n trending music. Because these fans easily gonna jump to other group once they think other group are better. Those 3 things easily can found especially for rookies gg. I think soumu knows this based on BTS. Even if its slow rise, its better for longetivity if the group is strong in performance and also have good contents with fans.


bang pd is also really involved with LSF too, i think he knows that its better to steadily rise than became popular overnight


This is why a strong fandom is so important! Sure popularity at the beginning stages is great, but any artist would hate to not have a strong and loyal fan base. So proud of these girls (:


#10 eunchae is everyone’s maknae so true!


While many are downplaying LSF because their songs big but not as big to the gp as NJ or IVE, them slowly building a solid fandom is definitely better for longevity. Look at the biggest groups in Kpop, all of them have a very solid fandom behind them because as much as it’s good to be recognized by the gp, it’s really the loyal fans who will go through lengths to buy concert tickets, merch, product endorsements, etc.


The quality of their songs is good I listen to bsides more than title track


Same all their bsides are so good


impurities is <3


Hybe mediaplay + bg stans overrating that group, NewJeans totally got better songs


With no stage presence


They have presence thats why everyone love them while LS only got hype from bgs stans lmao
Worry about this flop post with barely 1k views while NJ still charting high on billboard.


Tbh, newjeans would be at huge risk if knetizens jump into new gg. Because so far people only talk about their catchy music n visuals only. Very rare about their talent n personalities. If group like baemon managed to come out with highly catchy debut song, knetizens gonna start comparing how average newjeans talent as performer n their vocal skill. Because from baemon pre debut videos, its very obvious they are better dancers n singers than newjeans. And thats when negative articles about newjeans start flowing in. We have seen these from other 4th gen gg every year.

seungri is free

Chimpwon 🐵and sakura🐸 ruined all visual. Old unfreshy hags


chaewon is the cutest talented angel and sakura is gorgeous 11 years of experience idol
stfu you troll who support r4p1sts


I seriously like their stage and group chemistry. It’s hard to get that synergy among 4th gen groups so it’s refreshing too see them interact.
That’s why I’m not surprised by their steady fandom support. I’m sure it’ll keep growing


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As everyone should!! Not only are the girls extremely talented and put up amazing performances, but they’re also such funny, adorable individuals lol. I absolutely adore them!! 🥰


boring group… nj better

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