An announcement video regarding BTS’s plans for mandatory military enlistment will be released some time by mid-next week

One financial analyst commented, “HYBE’s business value has hit an all time low. The uncertainty of BTS’s military enlistment plans is having a massive impact on share prices.”

1. Is it just what reporters expected?

2. It’s better to tell the fans about their enlistment plans

3. They just need to release J-Hope’s solo teaser or anything like that

4. No, but it’s weird that their military service will be released as an official video

5. Seokjin-ah, you’ve worked hard so far. I will support you in the future

6. The BTS members will enlist together, right?

7. I will support BTS no matter what

8. Finally, they are not exempt from military service

9. We will always support Jin

10. So they will announce their enlistment next week. I always support BTS

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