An idol who participated in HYBE’s survival show in Japan is a hot topic right now

The current situation of HYBE who found themselves a freaking handsome person in Japan

He was born in 2005

He was one of the participants of HYBE’s survival show for a boy group in Japan

1. I think he’d look better with makeup and styling

2. I think I just saw Cha Eunwoo

3. He’s so handsome, but he’s still young, so he looks cute

4. I feel like he looks like Jungkook when he was young

5. He’s so cute and handsome, if he does well, he’ll gain a lot of fans

6. He’s handsome, he’s cute and he’ll be even cooler after debut

7. He’s handsome, but aren’t there a lot of idols who look like that in Korea?

8. HYBE always likes idols who have short chin and high nose ㅋㅋ

9. He looks like a famous actor in Japan

10. He looks like Im Siwan

11. No, he looks cute, but he’s not handsome

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