An illustrator accuses HYBE of plagiarizing their artwork for new virtual girl group

An illustrator exposes HYBE on Instagram

1. HYBE again?

2. The author’s post was taken down from Instagram? I can’t see it

3. I can’t believe they copied it… Seriously…

4. HYBE is a cancer to the idol industry

5. Nothing has changed since HYYHㅋㅋ In some ways, it’s so consistent

6. HYBE = plagiarism

7. This company has no business ethics? Why do they keep doing things that no one else does? What the hell are they doing?

8. A company that can’t produce any creative work without manipulation and plagiarism

9. What the hell is that company????????????????

10. Where the hell did they spend 45 billion won?

11. I guess plagiarism is the identity of HYBE

12. After all, they are gangsters

13. Talented people will never work with HYBE

14. HYBE really doesn’t know what to do other than plagiarize

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