An industry official who is familiar with HYBE’s situation reveals the future between HYBE and Min Heejin

An industry official who is familiar with HYBE’s situation said, “It will take time for HYBE to continue suing CEO Min Heejin,” and added, “Now, it is not easy for HYBE to go along with CEO Min Heejin, so in the end they will break up”

1. I really hate HYBE

2. I’m so curious how it will end

3. Don’t bother Min Heejin anymore

4. I have never seen a company this stupid before

5. If BTS is discharged from the army, he will gain more strength. This is a race against time and I think HYBE will win

6. I guess I shouldn’t listen to any songs by HYBE idols except NewJeans

7. The shareholders should sue Bang Si Hyuk and the directors for breach of trust

8. Does HYBE not care about company profits or shareholder profits?

9. Besides BTS and Seventeen, aren’t NewJeans the only group that can make big money? Shouldn’t they pursue profits?

10. HYBE still hasn’t been able to wake up

11. I guess they’ll have to break up anyway

12. These idiots, please resign. Instead of helping K-pop, you guys are the main culprits that are destroying this industry

13. Now, I don’t even want to listen to HYBE idols’ songs except NewJeans

14. I just feel sorry for the singers..

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