Another Instagram post by artist B.YO accuses HYBE of plagiarizing their artwork for SYNDI8

Another Instagram post by artist B.YO regarding HYBE

1. HYBE is disgusting

2. Aren’t they doing the same thing as what they did with NewJeans and Min Heejin?

3. HYBE is seriously poison for K-pop….

4. HYBE really has no conscience

5. HYBE really needs to go bankrupt. They will keep doing the same thing. They don’t seem to care

6. It’s similar to what HYBE did with Min Heejin

HYBE’s initial sketches


If you compare HYBE’s initial sketches with the results after contacting him, you can see that the drawing style and colors were copied so well

8. It’s not that HYBE has no money, so why did they do this?

9. That’s also what Bang Si Hyuk did with an adult magazine editor to make BTS’ album

10. Wow, but that ass and those outfits are disgusting

11. A company like this should go bankrupt. They will really taint Korean pop culture and destroy everything

12. Bang Si Hyuk always imitates

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