Are all the songs in Jungkook’s album this time in English??

I want to listen to Korean songs

1. It seems like the English album should be released now because he is getting good responses abroad. If it’s his debut album in the US, wouldn’t now be the best time?

2. People may have different opinions, but I think now is the right time to release an English album

3. Jungkook is good at pop music, he should do what he can do well

4. Are all his songs in English???

5. I think now is the right time to release a pop album

6. There are a lot of idols releasing English albums, I guess OP is worried that his album will be successful

7. I didn’t think much about it because I thought his voice was perfect for pop music

8. I’m a fan of other idols, but does this matter? I see posts like this quite often in communities

9. I think this is his debut album in the US

10. I thought there were Korean songs this time

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