Are Armys Hypocrites?

Real Talk – Are armys hypocrites for boycotting Jhope and V’s new releases? Let’s discuss.

Recently, ARMYS have decided to boycott all BTS works till hybe fires Scooter Braun – The CEO of HYBE AMERICA because he is a zionist and supports Israel in the ongoing genocide against the people of Gaza.

My question is – Scooter was very much involved in bringing producers and songwriters for Jungkook’s album golden – Why did they buy and support that album then? Why did they stream his album then? This is a bit unfair to the other members and honestly, too hypocritical. We all know jungkook has worked with zionists such as Usher, Diplo, Justin Timberlake, Scooter Braun, The kid Laroi – why are his songs still gaining streams? Shouldn’t they drop him if they are deciding to drop other members?

What do you guys think? Let me know.

Also? This post is just for talks I am not sending hate to JK because I know the company was the one who brought him all those collabs.