Are NewJeans’ results weird?

Are NewJeans’ results weird?

It seems like they got the most attention since their debut, but their album sales dropped by half this time and their music results on YouTube dropped by a quarter…

This is the first time they didn’t rank 1st on Melon, right? Their company even manipulated scores?

[+111, -281]

1. [+227, -183] Their current scores are high compared to their abilities

2. [+210, -172] They don’t want to admit it but HYBE helped them and BTS fans abroad influenced them

3. [+163, -54] Everything is okay. What’s up? Album sales have dropped across the board, and it’s not just NewJeans. I know their music videos are limited by age. I think it’s great that Supernova was so successful with the public that they couldn’t get 1st place, NewJeans had two songs on the album and ranked 2nd and 3rd. The song How Sweet itself is not too popular. An easy-listening melody like Super Shy will be more suitable for the public. I think it’s great that they reached #2 with a song like How Sweet… NewJeans can do anything, that’s what I thought first… I thought what if they only reached #15 after listening to this song for the first time. I was worried. But I think this won’t be a song that the public likes

4. [+147, -53] Album sales are currently in decline, not just NewJeans, but the entire album industry. And this time, if they get 1st place on YouTube Music and 2nd place on Melon then they did well. The fans are completely satisfied, so please don’t come and mock them. They didn’t ask you for help, and Min Heejin and NewJeans never attacked your singer

5. [+137, -43] This time, they took 1st place on YouTube Music

6. [+82, -37] In the first place, Min Heejin didn’t even criticize BTS, so why are you saying that it’s natural for ARMYs to turn their backs on Min Heejin?ㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+56, -13] Abroad, HYBE is really famous. If you look at the fans who like NewJeans abroad, most of them are ARMYs. They listen to NewJeans’ songs because NewJeans is BTS’ dongsaeng, but those ARMYs don’t listen to NewJeans’ songs anymore. That’s the reason

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