Are some K-Pop fans trying to implicate innocent Jennie in order to hide the idols’ public support for Zionist products and cooperation with the Zionists?

K-Pop fans have turned a sensitive humanitarian issue like Palestine into a war for fans and a way to settle their personal scores by implicating innocent idols.

The most prominent person may be Jennie, whom they accuse of drinking Starbucks by bringing her old photos before the boycott.

She started Boycotting Starbucks on December 7, 2023. This date may not be known to many because they never cared about the Palestine issue. Jennie  published her picture with coffee on November 29 and filmed her program Apartment 404 at the beginning of October.

Jennie has always been known for supporting projects whose profits go to Palestinians by promoting the Palestinian brand Simi Haze, and all of her close friends are supporters of Palestine.