Are there any idols that shock you with their visuals?

For me

TXT Yeonjun
RIIZE Wonbin
NewJeans Minji
Aespa Ningning

1. L, V, Cha Eunwoo

2. Sehun, Haerin, Karina

3. Jang Wonyoung in Produce

4. L, Cha Eunwoo

5. I went to see Cha Eunwoo on stage in my neighborhood with my friends, but when I saw the electronic screen, I couldn’t even say Wow.. He’s f*cking handsome

6. Cha Eunwoo

7. RIIZE Wonbin, SHINee Minho, Astro Cha Eunwoo

8. Karina, Minji, Cha Eunwoo, Jang Wonyoung

9. Kim JaeJoong, Cha Eunwoo, Jaehyun, Suzy, Jang Wonyoung

10. Jaemin, Karina, Wonbin

11. Infinite L, EXO Baekhyun

12. Cha Eunwoo, Suzy, Jang Wonyoung, Felix

13. Sullyoon, Karina

14. V, Yoona

15. Cha Eunwoo and Karina

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