ARMYs are angry at BTS’s sajaegi accusation “Aren’t you protecting the artists?”

ARMYs are angry at BTS’s sajaegi accusation… “Aren’t you protecting the artists?”

BTS’ fandom ARMY is really angry. After various suspicions regarding BTS, complaints against Big Hit Music under HYBE, their management company, are increasing

Most ARMYs expressed their opinions clearly and defended the group against BTS’ sajaegi accusations as well as rumors about their relationship with Dahnworld

A user with ID Yoon**** said: “It was a war of interests between HYBE and another label and suddenly the focus was on BTS, and HYBE, which had been publishing several articles every day in the media until a few days ago, suddenly started do nothing”

A user with ID Al* also said: “(Regarding the sajaegi controversy. We made a statement in 2017) Are you kidding me? Times have changed now. We need to make a new statement that can’t be refuted.”

User ID Do** said: “Over time, the rumors get bigger and bigger, so why are you silent? Let’s fix it. What BTS worked hard to achieve will not be wasted”

However, ARMYs living abroad are expressing unconditional support for BTS

1. It’s not that they won’t make a statement, it’s that they can’t do it

2. I hope they keep criticizing and HYBE will make a statement soon ^^

3. The members have seen all the benefits of sajaegi, so why should HYBE protect them? Weren’t the houses they live in and all the assets they have to eat, drink and play for a lifetime created by HYBE?

4. It was a success built on lies, but there was no way the singer didn’t know that

5. They need to quickly make a statement about sajaegi

6. What should they do if that’s true?

7. Haven’t they been protecting BTS so well so far?

8. It seems like HYBE is working harder than anyone else right now

9. How can they protect singers who make illegal profits?

10. But I’m really curious, what and how will they protect BTS?

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