Article about BTS fans sending protest trucks in front of the HYBE office building

BTS fandom “stop watching, HYBE please protect the artists”… Trucks protest in front of HYBE office building

BTS fandom ARMYs are sending protest trucks to HYBE asking the agency to protect BTS

This is because malicious individual fans, known as ‘Akgae’, are creating and spreading malicious rumors about members of the same group

1. A company that doesn’t respond, a company that doesn’t treat fandom as fandom but treats them as consumers… Please sue those akgaes. Please solve what needs to be solved

2. Why didn’t HYBE make a statement? Isn’t the basic duty of the company to protect the artists? HYBE, what the hell are you doing these days?

3. At HYBE, things like this always pass quietly

4. Please protect your artists, HYBE! Please sue and severely punish those who spread malicious rumors

5. HYBE, please protect BTS members

6. There have been rumors that some HYBE staff are allied with Jimin’s akgaes… Please sue them

7. Why do they just side with the criminals? HYBE is weird

8. HYBE is doing badly these days

9. HYBE is weird, why don’t they protect the artists?

10. Fans love the artists, not the company that’s crazy about the money

11. Even now, they are spreading rumors about the members,,, Let’s sue them

12. HYBE, please sue those bad guys. They are criminals

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Lol they don’t care about criminals jimin is collaborating with a convict rapist and they are proudly promoting that song with a convict rapist. They won’t care unless you are Jimin lol


How come yall never talked about before till now you don’t fucken care stop acting like y’all do

You idiots just need something so you can go attack jimin


sana you literally stan blackpink. you have no place in lecturing people about befriending, working, and spending time with criminals, please be serious for once in your pathetic life


isn’t bh always the type to just do these stuffs silently ? even with the Gurumi issue, we found out that they took action with it from those notices that they usually upload in 2-3 months , pretty sure we will get one addressing these people too in the next notice. It’s frustrating but they’ll never change this type of work style they have so just endure with it I guess

But the thing is the law regarding this in South Korea is pretty weak. You can file report all you wants but those people will still keep doing it. If you sue them, they’ll say it’s freedom of speech and will get away with it. Their laws at online hate speeches are weak as hell, that’s why those dc insides , dc gallery people can’t be shut down and still exists until now.

Keep pressed

Omggg can’t believe even in this situation you can find company stans, how disgusting

Maria pon

This chat exist for a long time and we don’t even know that bh is doing something. They should protect vminkook from akgae


bro there’s a hybe staff who is admin in akgae’s gallery.she got exposed in a BTS live when her phone screen was took down the live & edited that part.why aren’t they doing sth?why edited the video in the first place?what law?akgaes are wandering freely inside that building.who r they suing all this time?themselves?they let tae get harrassed for months to put a half ass statement

Last edited 6 months ago by rosa

article being top media… aka promoted by solos/shippers big hit always handle thing quietly


Now we wait for those fraudmin’s criminal fans to be in jail. Pretty sure BTS are already informed about Jimins akgaes doing

Teenaged puppy

Company stans will still turn a blind eye. This fandom is killings itself from within


jimin must be proud of his solo stan

Color color stan and yg & teddy's 4 tramps

why would he be proud of criminals who hate on the members he love? as if those criminal ugly fads are something to be proud of 🤮

Tsk tsk

Well, he’s going to sing with a convicted rapist after all. He must be proud lol

he is what he attracts

because he’s an attention wh*re who was always jealous of vkook being more popular than him. won’t be surprised if he knows those akgaes personally.


he doesn’t love his members. he hates when the members get attention and will do anything to meddle in. and he takes advantage of jungkook to feed his ship


Like idol like fans


Entities BTS fans think hate BTS:

  • Hybe
  • Youtube
  • Billboard
  • Spotify
  • The Grammys
  • Other fandoms

It’s almost as if Army are a group of desperate, mentally ill people who cling to conspiracy theories.


(It’s always funny to look at stan twitter and see how many Army openly admit that their mental health was terrible and completely depends on BTS)


jimin akgaes shouldn’t worry because hybe is protecting them


Blinks realy pave the way for kpop fandoms.
The thing is when blinks did this, we also sent mass emails ro korean journalists.
It was such a successful protest that MBCnews included it in their prime time reporting.

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