Artist Cho Giseok deleted LE SSERAFIM’s work after uploading

Among the concept photos of LE SSERAFIM this time, there is the work of artist Cho Giseok posted on Instagram

However, Sakura’s individual shots were missing, so some fans attacked him with comments

Author Cho Giseok who finally deleted his post

There’s no Sakura’s solo shot there, but the first shot is of Huh Yunjin and Sakura’s unit

1. Looking at the first shot, isn’t that Sakura in that shot?

2. This is why I hate foreign members so much

3. He uploaded his own work, but he must have uploaded shots that he liked

4. Sakura’s image seems to be getting better but fans are ruining everything

5. He’s neither a fan nor an agency, so why should he care about the lack of members?

6. Sakura fans are always like that

7. No, this isn’t the teaser for their comeback, and it’s not without Sakura

8. Sakura’s fans are always like that so I’m not surprised

9. Everything is fine, but Sakura’s fans are the problem

10. Sakura fans are crazy

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Wonyoung stan didn’t care bcuz starshit always shove Wonyoung face everytime they can. Even give vocal performance to her and leeseo..but they both end up lipsync while sitting lol


Why knetz act like they superior when most of the comment calling her a right wing. Are they stupid? Right wing will never ever associate herself with korean. Its even an insult for them if their fav anime is popular in korea. Why would a right wing went to korea to become an idol lol


At the end that artist is shady to post other member pic but not her. Not only 1 but 2-3 pic of other member none for sakura. People justify by saying its his fav photo but he cant make any good pic for sakura? I noticed that sakura pic is so basic..they only good one is the heart shapped eyes pic..the other is meh. The one with bow could be better


Awww. stay in your delusional dream lol. unforgiven already have a 1m pre-order. sakura gaining new follower every day AND her fanbase still the biggest in lsrfm. Keep crying lol


You do know that’s pathetic numbers compared to other GGs right now right?


The group sales will reduce to half if she left lol. they should be thankful to her especially since they are using her name and influence in japan market


Not even true
Shes only popular in China because she’s been an idol for over 11 years
Her sales don’t make up 500k of le sserafims album 1 million sales be fr


Well if it happened to my bias I will do the same..knetz didnt care abt this guy, they only use this to hate on sakura and throwing a xenophobic comment lol


Where is the attack ? They just asked

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