Artist Cho Giseok deleted LE SSERAFIM’s work after uploading

Among the concept photos of LE SSERAFIM this time, there is the work of artist Cho Giseok posted on Instagram

However, Sakura’s individual shots were missing, so some fans attacked him with comments

Author Cho Giseok who finally deleted his post

There’s no Sakura’s solo shot there, but the first shot is of Huh Yunjin and Sakura’s unit

1. Looking at the first shot, isn’t that Sakura in that shot?

2. This is why I hate foreign members so much

3. He uploaded his own work, but he must have uploaded shots that he liked

4. Sakura’s image seems to be getting better but fans are ruining everything

5. He’s neither a fan nor an agency, so why should he care about the lack of members?

6. Sakura fans are always like that

7. No, this isn’t the teaser for their comeback, and it’s not without Sakura

8. Sakura’s fans are always like that so I’m not surprised

9. Everything is fine, but Sakura’s fans are the problem

10. Sakura fans are crazy

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