Asian solo singer who has had the most songs charting for more than 10 weeks in Billboard Hot 100 history

BTS Jungkook
#76 on the Billboard Hot 100 this week

1. He’s just setting records, he’s amazing

2. Wow, I thought Jungkook would do well when he made his solo debut, but his achievements are so great that it feels unrealistic

3. As expected, Jungkook

4. I hope Jungkook will perform solo again soon. I like all the songs he released as a solo artist

5. When I saw the title, I wondered if it was Jungkook, but of course it was Jungkook

6. Jungkook is so cool

7. An Asian legend

8. Daebak, just seeing the title reminds me of Jungkook

9. Wow Jungkook is a legend

10. He’s truly a legend of all time

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