Baby Monster Asa’s airport fashion is attracting the attention of K-pop fan communities

Wow Baby Monster Asa’s departure photos are so cool

1. Wow, her clothes and figure are all pretty

2. Wow, that’s totally y2k style

3. Hul she’s seriously crazy

4. Hul I like her style

5. Wow, she’s pretty and her airport fashion is stylish too

6. She is seriously so pretty

7. This is what I expect from YG idols

8. I really like Asa the most…

9. Two Japanese members from Baby Monster caught my eye

10. How can someone born in 2006 be like this…?

11. Is she good at rapping?

12. Wow so crazy

13. Wow, she’s pretty and she raps well

14. Hul daebak

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