Baby Monster Ruka makes netizens look forward to YG’s new girl group

YG’s new girl group BABYMONSTER (#7) – RUKA (Live Performance)

1. Instead of revealing their faces, I prefer them to show off their skills first like this

2. Her skills are really good, I wonder what song they’ll debut with

3. YG really needs to set up a Korean language academy

4. I want to watch the group video right now

5. Why are the foreign members’ pronunciation so good???

6. I was curious after watching this video so I watched all the members’ videos, and everyone is so good

7. I heard that she’s the main dancer, but she’s also good at rapping

8. The age gap is quite large. Doesn’t this group have a 13 year old new member?

9. These people really have no holes, they all have talent

10. Please reveal the group’s performance and debut date soon ㅋㅋ

11. I thought she was Korean, but is she Japanese?

12. I’m curious when the music video for the debut song will be released

13. I heard that she is the main dancer

14. The Japanese members are all rappers

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8. The age gap is quite large. Doesn’t this group have a 13 year old new member?

2002 and 2009 is a big gap but LSF also have 16 yrs old girl with 24 yrs old? This is 8 yrs gap.


Not quite big. Le sserafirm’s age difference is bigger than Babymonster (with 8years). Babymonster has only 7years gap.. so I think it is normal.


And 2ne1 even bigger 1984 2 members and Minzy is 1994

Another Guest

If they really want to showcase her talent as a rapper, then YG should’ve made her do her own rap instead of releasing a cover.


I fell in love with ruka rap performance. Really cant wait for their debut, i am curious with their debut song willl sounds like (hope not producer by Teddy again, i want another n different colour from YG new group)


She was singing with racial slurs in it be fr…
Like who told her to use the words such as durag and all so freely…


No rapping.
Btw her rap skills are not up to the notch too.


not yall lunatic gatekeeping durag words

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