BabyMonster Ahyeon screaming her high notes during recent performances

BabyMonster Ahyeon screaming during recent performances

I like Ahyeon, I am not an anti-fan ㅜ

I know Ahyeon is really good, but she seems to be screaming her high notes in recent performances…

In the comments, foreigners are all writing that she is screaming. She seems to stand out even more because her tone is so different from Ruka’s

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1. [+165, -2] I swear I’m a fan of BabyMonster but I agree… But she seemed to have gotten better at the group’s most recent fanmeeting. I think she’ll be fine after she fixes it

2. [+161, -19] On stage, she does seem to be a bit much. She tries to be so sexy that her facial expressions aren’t hip and instead are kind of off-putting

3. [+142, -4] I think she’s just trying to get the crowd hyped up since she’s a rookie. Once she gets some more experience I think she will be able to adjust her tone and perform live well

4. [+130, -3] I also thought that she seemed to be just yelling rather than singing

5. [+57, -0] She’s seriously so loud. Why can’t she just sing the way they record?

6. [+31, -0] I’m not an anti either but her pronunciation hurt my ears and it felt like she was screaming

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