Bae Jinyoung who seems to have changed a lot from him during his Produce days

Bae Jinyoung that I used to know

Bae Jinyoung recently

His facial features are still the same, but he’s gained a lot of muscle

1. If he changed his hairstyle, he would look better

2. I feel that he looks like Kim Jaejoong

3. Well… He grew up well. I’m also looking forward to him in his late 20s

4. I think his hair doesn’t suit him..

5. Wow Bae Jinyoung grew up so well

6. I’m glad they’re not tattoos. He looks so cool and manly

7. Wow, his shoulders are crazy…. His image has changed dramatically, but his handsome looks are still the same

8. No, this is Bae Jinyoung, when did he grow up?

9. Wow he grew up well… He looked like a kid during Produce days

10. Wow I like this vibe so much

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