Baek Yerin and Rosé (I’m writing this because I often see comments saying they look alike)

I like both and I like Jiho too

1. I don’t know if they look alike, but the three of them are so pretty

2. I thought they looked so different, but their image seems to be the sameㅋㅋ

3. Their faces look completely different, but their vibes are the same…

4. Baek Yerin has different vibes in each photo, so there are times when she looks like Rosé

5. I never even thought about how they look alike

6. They don’t look alike at all

7. They don’t look alike, but I like both

8. I know Baek Yerin’s songs, but I don’t know her face… I don’t think they look alike

9. Seriously, I never thought they looked alike

10. Rosé, Baek Yerin, Jiho, all three have the same vibes

11. There were a lot of comments saying that Rosé looked like Baek Yerin with black hair when she just debuted

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