Baekhyun was criticized after SM released an official statement regarding him

SM’s official statement regarding Baekhyun

Omg SM is so kind

1. I heard that the company gave him permission, but it’s not.. What is he doing?

2. Didn’t he say during the live broadcast that the company knew and allowed it???

3. Aigoo, the company thinks about the group and the fans the most

4. EXO can’t do group activities without Baekhyun?

5. It was SM who protected EXO

6. No, Baekhyun really thinks he’s a superstar??

7. Why did he renew his contract? He can participate in group activities even if he’s in another company

8. Baekhyun is so greedy

9. He’s even worse than the Chinese pigeons

10. How many pigeons are there in EXO?

11. He should at least apologize to the other members’ fans

12. Please leave the group

13. This is my first time seeing SM looking pitiful

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