Baekhyun’s fansite closed due to the controversy between him and SM

Baekhyun’s fansite closed in real time

“If you really treasured fans, shouldn’t you not let similar things happen twice? Thank your for everything up to now”


1. I hope that you are happy

2. I understand how sad you are…

3. Your only mistake is liking him, but he’s so bad. I hope you are happy

4. I understand that the fans must have had a harder time than anyone else because of the company’s lawsuit

5. I don’t know, but has anything similar happened before?

6. It may be painful right now, but one day you will think it was the right decision for you

7. Thank you for your hard work

8. If he really cares about his fans, he shouldn’t act like that…

9. Why are only fans hurt?

10. The fans have worked hard…

11. What’s happening..?

12. I hope that person doesn’t get hurt by the criticism

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