Bang Si Hyuk and Park Jin Young were criticized for performing together on Weverse Con

Bang Si Hyuk appeared on Weverse Con in real time….

Collaboration with Park Jin Young

1. These two seem so close

2. Wow, they are so popular. The audience response was so good

3. What will the kids who say Park Jin Young is different from Bang Si Hyuk say when they see this?

4. Please refund the ticket price

5. Why is Park Jin Young’s performance so long?

6. Shameless

7. I can’t believe I’m paying to see this

8. Now I guess he wants to be a star too

9. Everyone was shocked

10. He knows he gets criticized a lot so I guess he wants to change his image so he’s doing something he’s never done before

11. I hate it so much

12. Bang Si Hyuk is so famous

13. This is supply without demand, right?

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