Bang Si Hyuk ‘tarnishes’ ENHYPEN’s first MBC TV appearance since debut

Bang Si Hyuk appears in ENHYPEN’s The Manager preview next week

1. Does he know the ENHYPEN members?

2. Tarnishing ENHYPEN’s first MBC TV appearance since debut… Thanks, Bang

3. It seems like he’s trying to clean up his image

4. He doesn’t do what he needs to do and only does what he doesn’t have to do

5. The whole episode is going to be propaganda to make Bang himself look good

6. The photos were definitely photoshopped. He looks completely different in those photos. He doesn’t care about his health

7. First, he sends ENHYPEN on an endless tour, making them so unwell. And now, this? I’m so mad. Did he have to squeeze in with them on their first MBC appearance?

8. What’s up with ENHYPEN and their fans?

9. Not surprised because he also pooped the concert with his cameo. He obviously doesn’t know how to read the room

10. Does he know the faces of ENHYPEN members?

11. Bang is taking over all the labels under HYBE. Why did he even come up with the label system? He could’ve kept doing whatever he wanted as BIG HIT. It’s obvious that he knows his reputation is now sh*t for what happened with ILLIT, so he’s using ENHYPEN to come back around

12. I think he received advice from Park Jin Young to appear more on TV

13. He’s using ENHYPEN for the TV appearance. Don’t forget how he had them running in circles on tour

14. Please stay away from ENHYPEN

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