“Bang Si Hyuk’s plans are ruined” Aespa ‘Supernova’ reached 10th place on Melon Top 100

Aespa’ ‘Supernova’ reached 10th place on Melon Top 100

1. I want to see their stage soon

2. The song is so addictive

3. I really like this song

4. Let’s take 1st place!!

5. I’m still listening to it now

6. It’s so addictive, seriously…

7. One of the most addictive songs of recent times

8. The song is crazy

9. Si Hyuk’s plans are ruined

10. It’s a crazy song… I listen to it on repeat all day

11. The song is so good

12. The song is good, and the MV is crazy

13. I like music video so I’m looking forward to the performance

14. I really like it. This is my favorite of Aespa’s songs. The music video was so unique and fresh that I kept watching it

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