“Bangkook white hunter” observers take a look at BLACKPINK’s Lisa gigs after she meet her chaebool

Ever since the initial rumor surfaced, observers have noted that all of Lisa from BLACKPINK’s events appear to be linked to her alleged and rumored partner. Her performance at the Crazy Horse show, where she appeared semi-nude, not only attracted criticism but also led people to draw connections between her and the Arnault family. Specifically, they noted potential links to Antoine Arnault, son of the CEO of LVMH, and his brother Frédéric Arnault, suggesting their involvement with the event’s organization.


She was also honored with the “Asian Hall of Fame” award, a distinction that becomes even more intriguing when considering its sponsors. Among them is “Moët Hennessy,” which is not just a member of the LVMH conglomerate but also contributes to its well-known acronym—LVMH stands for “Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy.” Following her stint as a brand ambassador, Celine was succeeded by Danielle, a newcomer in the jeans segment. Coincidentally, the dancer is now associated with Louis Vuitton, which, given the circumstances, is hardly surprising.


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