Belift Lab’s video claiming ILLIT does not plagiarize NewJeans received shocking dislikes

Belift Lab’s video dislikes on 2nd day since 1st release + surpasses 100,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Number of dislikes surpasses 100,000 (92%)


1. No, when will it reach 95%?

2. Wow, congratulations on breaking the record because it will be so difficult to break this record in the future

3. 100,000 dislikes in two days, this is unprecedented

4. Despite this, they seem to believe that the world is unfair to them

5. It is their greatest achievement

6. 100,000 antis… daebak

7. This is my first time clicking ‘dislike’ on a YouTube video

8. They have set the record they wanted

9. Why are they fighting with the public? I do not understand

10. Dislike 92%. This is the public opinion about HYBE

11. When I saw this post, I clicked ‘dislike’

12. Congratulations to Belift Lab

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