“Big Bang disbanded? Why isn’t GD there?” List of YG Entertainment singer/actor contracts

List of YG Entertainment singer/actor contracts (as of March 31)

Jinu Sean

1. Now YG has more actors than singers

2. There’s no GD’s name among YG’s singers…….?

3. It will be a big problem if YG can’t renew the contract with BLACKPINK

4. There are very few singers

5. Without BLACKPINK, YG is just a small and medium entertainment company

6. GD is gone

7. Where is GD?? Did he leave YG?

8. What? Why isn’t Big Bang or GD there???? They terminated their contract with YG????

9. Where is iKON?

10. It’s not like Big Bang disbanded, where did GD and Daesung go?

11. I didn’t see GD

12. At this point, isn’t YG a company for actors?

13. Why isn’t GD there???????? I know that GD is still in Big Bang

14. Big Bang disbanded? There are no members there

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