Big Bang’s G-Dragon gets booked on drug allegations, ‘consequences’ of actor Lee Sun Gyun

[Exclusive] Big Bang’s GD gets booked on drug allegations… ‘Consequences’ of actor Lee Sun Gyun

Incheon Police have booked G-Dragon on charges of violating drug control laws regarding suspicions of drug use

1. This is not surprising since he was known to be a drug user

2. I’m not surprised at all

3. How much does he really intend to destroy my memories?

4. That’s why he hasn’t been able to release an album since being discharged from the army

5. Honestly, is anyone surprised that he used drugs?

6. I’ve been waiting for his comeback, but he’s really a criminal

7. Looking at the video, he looks even worse than Yoo Ah In

8. Living legend of K-Pop in a different way

9. I guess he confused it with cigarettes again!!

10. No, I’m surprised because I’m not surprised at all

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