Big Hit confirms BTS RM is preparing to release his solo album

Big Hit side “BTS RM, preparing to release a solo album”

RM will be the third member of the group to release a solo album after J-Hope and Jin

1. I’ve listened to all of RM’s mixtapes, and I remember getting goosebumps every time I listen to each song… I’m looking forward to it

2. Among RM’s solo songs, there are a lot of my favorite songs, so I’m looking forward to it

3. Let’s go Kim Namjoon!!!!!!!!!

4. Daebak

5. I’m looking forward to it ㅠㅜㅜ

6. I think he will release his solo album in late November or early December

7. I know the members are all preparing for their solo albums ㅋㅋ

8. Finally

9. Crazy, can’t wait

10. RM’s songs are so good. I think his song will be a big hit this time

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I’m so excited actually like I’ve been anticipating his solo album the most ! Hoping for RM to have a successful official solo debut 🙏🏻💜

WhatsThe Point

Bh had to confirm because of stupid kmedia, he was probably waiting to for the mourning period to end before announcing but whatever.

I’m excited for his album, he said it’s different from mono and I love his music style.


kinda hypocrite of him to cry and saying it was hard to write lyrics because “lack of inspiration” few months ago just for him to release new album later on


listen bitch if you ain’t following bts and dont know what he meant by it
shut it
he was literally about lyrics for bts songs not for his solos


he said that about songs for them as a group . I mean if you’re in a group working with other people , you’re not going to put/force everything about your views and opinions , perspectives about something to your teammates tho .


Bruh, he said himself on his IG, it’s gonna be songs he wrote since 2019 to 2022. It takes 3 years for him to finally released his solo, and you still said it’s not hard??


there’s no way ur an army lol he’s been writing these songs since 2018 and said plain as day in the festa dinner that he has trouble writing bc he doesn’t know what direction the group is going in anymore.


You seem rather ignorant abt how albums are created. Are you uninterested in how musicians work or are you not a fan of any musicians?

The songs artists come out with generally are created months, if not years, before they’re officially released (some exceptions, of course, but those aren’t the norm).

In RM’s case, the lack of inspiration comment was towards his grp’s music, but he also explained that he already had his own music, outside the grp, that he wanted to refine and release.


it was hard to write for the group comeback.a whole map,a perfect story & message,like MAP OF THE SOUL,LOVE YOURSELF series.but they have so much to say as solo artist.just like how Jhope released a masterpiece with 10 songs.but i get’s hard for you to understand such concerns cause your faves come with some cringe ass hemistich+some prrr bfbf shhhh rmmmpapa ye ye ye for rhyme
that they didn’t even wrote & call it an OFFICIAL COMEBACK.


Not very excited for it. I know it will flop like hag Jin and j hopeless


these drags …. sounds like you’re 10


He doesn’t need your excitement tho. Who are you? You aren’t even his fans or a listener of his songs.


I don’t expect it to hit big but I will be waiting


I’m excited for it, but atbthe same time i’m not ready to replace Mono in my heart.


I’m glad the members are able to have time to fully focus on their individual music like they want, and esp so for Joon, as he seemed like he took it hard that he was feeling a little lost with the grp’s music.

So, I’m looking forward to hearing more of his sounds, esp after Sexy Nukim! I think Joon’s musical style is pretty eclectic but everything he does fits him so well. It’ll be fascinating to see if and how his upcoming album is vastly different from RM and mono.


Of course it’s hard to compose a song, that’s why not all idols compose and write music. That’s why Namjoon and all the members of BTS are recognized for that. 


Another flop in the making..this one need to enlist asap too..


Omg, Joon did an interview with Pharrell abt how they do music. And they went DEEP into this discussion.

He’s going to be a feature in Joon upcoming album, right? This album is going to be insane!

Tamara Curren

That would be so awesome. I love RM so much. He’s the best.

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