Big Hit (HYBE) who forgot BTS V ‘FRI(END)S’ Listening party

Big Hit (HYBE) who forgot BTS V ‘FRI(END)S’ Listening party

It was supposed to start at 10 p.m., but everything remained quiet

The notification just appeared

1. Is it true that out of 100 employees, there is not one person in charge of V?

2. Why don’t they do their job well?

3. There wasn’t any apology at all, they were so rude

4. But they only announced in English and not Korean…? They are crazy

5. They didn’t even apologize and they announced in English

6. Wow, they really don’t apologize? What are they really doing?

7. But why didn’t they apologize? Isn’t it natural to apologize when you’re late for an appointment?

8. These cheap ba$tards have never been seen doing their job properly, they don’t even apologize and always ignore their fans and just try to get money from them

9. They didn’t even apologize, you cheap ba$tards

10. They made me wait for two hours without giving any notice and they didn’t even say an apology

11. Not once or twice, why is HYBE always like this, is the company about to go bankrupt?

12. What are you doing, Big Hit?

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