Big Hit’s next male idol group photo revealed after 3 years

JJ (17 years old) Japanese American

Ji Hoon (16 years old) Korean

Yorch (21 years old) Thailand

Sang Won (20 years old) Korean

Jo Woo Chan (18 years old) Korean

Leo (21 years old) Australian

James (18 years old) Hong Kong Thailand

Main producer: Supreme Boi

‘Aloners Association’ is predicted to be the group name

+ In case you don’t know, ENHYPEN is under Belift Lab (a label of HYBE)

1. They dance so well in the video, but I don’t know about their vocal skills

2. I’m looking forward to their debut because their main producer is Supreme Boi… I think I can trust and listen to their songs

3. Once they debut, they will be popular, especially overseas

4. They are totally Big Hit vibes

5. It’s like a foreign group

6. I don’t know, but I saw the main producer and thought the music was guaranteed..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. Why are there so many foreigners…??

8. First of all, I understand that they’re not targeting Korea.. It’s like a group that will do well overseas

9. I’m glad there’s no Chinese members

10. There are a lot of foreigners so I feel strange. Just looking at the pictures, they look like a Southeast Asian boy group

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