Billboard didn’t treat BTS well? Billboard’s views dropped so low because BTS didn’t attend?

Billboard’s viewership is the lowest in history with 2.11 million views

They got 2.11 million views and this is the lowest viewership in history
Isn’t this number lower than BTS’ Vlive views?

[+117, -4]

1. [+64, -0] The seats were empty.. BTS was always receiving awards and they got rid of their award, so serve them properly

2. [+57, -0] To be honest, it’s ridiculous that they were so busy trying to get rid of BTS, but BTS kept on monopolizing the charts, so serve them properly

3. [+18, -0] I thought Billboard was treating BTS well because they gave them awards but seeing the comments, it seems like it?.. That’s why BTS didn’t attend? But even though they didn’t attend, they got 3 awards, so I think they’re so cool..

4. [+10, -0] But even the top foreign singers didn’t attend this time?? Is it because the BBMAs are not a famous awards ceremony? Their views dropped so low because BTS didn’t attend?

5. [+5, -0] For real, I think that’s the reason..

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