BLACKPINK Coachella stage with a lot of Korean references makes Korean netizens feel proud

BLACKPINK Coachella stage with a lot of Korean references

Dancheong on the main stage set

Jisoo’s solo stage

Jennie’s outfit

Fan dance

Someone in the audience even brought the Korean flagㅋㅋ

They greet their last goodbye in Korean

1. I got goosebumps

2. I’m so proud of BLACKPINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLACKPINK will do even better in the future!!!!!

3. BLACKPINK is so cool ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

4. I haven’t seen their performance yet, but it’s crazy

5. I’m really grateful that BLACKPINK are Korean singers, I’m so proud of them

6. BLACKPINK Coachella is really the best

7. For real, this is national prestige

8. They actually went around the world to promote national prestige

9. I’m not a fan, but I want to go to their concert

10. Daebak ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I love BLACKPINK so much ㅠㅠ

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They want to be the nation’s gg so bad LOL.


With no daesang? Lol

Color color stan

Always just youtube 😂 no other achievements except the stream farms in sea 😂


Not racist if true


This is bring yt? Lol


Even with paid youtube, they didn’t even get ONE daesang after all this years.


By now we ALL know that these awards are USELESS, the group that has several is disappearing from the country that gave to them, Koreans no longer listen to their music, they no longer go to their concerts and they don’t even give them prizes at the small music shows.

turbo turbulence

it’s too late now, 4th gen is going to peak soon


Shut the fuck up jesus

Color color stan

Idk about onces but why would armys be fuming when 1 single member of bts pulled a 100k audience at lolla 😂 and are undoubtedly called the national treasure lol

Last edited 5 months ago by Color color stan

*cough doja replacement


Hobi sold out his stage, a first in years. Meanwhile lazypink didn’t sell out their show and it made no noise


Still jk went to watch the girls stage 🤣🤣

WhatsThe Point

Hobi is not doja replacement at all. He managed to sell highest number of tickets lolla has seen in its 31 year history.

Unlike bp who is a replacement for JB, who refused to headline

Color color stan

The need for bts validation 🤭

Truth speaker

Get help both of you

Last edited 5 months ago by Truth speaker

why the fuck BP need a boy group validation huh? They’re literally number 1 on Youtube and Insta. Soon enough BP’s tour will be the most successful world tour from K-pop artists ever

Color color stan

Their youtube views are from stream farms and their insta followers are bots cause how does lisa have 90m followers but only 5 million likes😂


haha try harder, your favs doesn’t have even that, pity for you


Still got no idea why non-fans are so into blackpink. If you don’t like them, don’t click on an article with their group name in the title. It’s 2023, keep yourself busy with worthwhile hobbies.


This goes to all fandoms even blinks. Let’s all focus on our faves.


Well duh


Exactly!!! If I see an article about Twice or BTS I don’t even bother opening it because I’m not interested in them at all but I think even fans of other groups are always interested in BP that’s why they are SO RELEVANT


their only job is to talk shit about blackpink it’s their only hobby lol

Color color stan

Lol eser you self victimizing blonk, acting as if we don’t see your passive aggressive comments about bts 🥴


Pretty sure blink are the one who obsessed with bts. They are excited with jk today lol


Huh…you believe that blonk lies? 🤣 Even she has already busted for her lies. She took another person’s videos which posted on tiktok/instagram and posted it as if its her own. Jungkook watched Kid Laroi who have performed at the same time as BP. Unless he could split into two bodies, its highly unlikely my Jungkook watched your girls.


No, I don’t believe that. I know my faves are clout chasers… I just got away from my nurse for a second but I’m back on my meds now no worries



Oh right!!!! Jimin’s fan dance at MMA 2018. So much for dragging Jimin but using his famous dance. I know its Korean traditional dance. BUT, It was popularized by Jimin at MMA 2018. And when he performed that dance he was stick to the tradition. Amazing dancer.


Do you realize how no one mentioned your fav? That’s because NOBODY GIVES A SHIT.


But your girls clearly, INSPIRED by my fav 🤣 Bring traditional fan dance to the performance. But, its a poor copy I should say.


Your brains are so full of air, the girls were inspired by their culture and country, now it turns out that this guy was the creator of Korean culture, you guys really have problems.


You literally already said that it’s a Korean traditional dance and you still went with your stupid bs😭 he didnt popularized shit when it’s a Korean TRADITION already dumbass


Always copying BTS


Overproud over a talentless girls who sing with loud backtrack, danced with no energy, lack stage presences, got dead crowds and even got audiences left in the middle of the show, also the ticket is not sold out for the 1st time in 10 years, wow pathetic. The biggest girl group they said 🤷🏻‍♀️


keep salty, your faves are fall for blackpink and date one of them

Color color stan

Lol blinks’ neverending need to attach bts to the seoul cycles are so funny 😆 need validation much?

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