BLACKPINK doesn’t have many songs, so how do they hold their concert..?

How many hours do their concerts usually last?

1. But even singers with less than 20 songs can hold concerts

2. That’s why they cover other singers’ songs at their concerts

3. ‘Lovesick Girls’ album + album this time + solo songs + existing title songs are enough for the concert

4. It’s another story, but BLACKPINK’s concert is so interesting even for those who aren’t fans

5. I went to BLACKPINK’s concert and I think it’s fine.. It’s so interesting

6. But even if you’re not a fan, it’ll be fun because you know all their songs

7. But I wish YG released a lot of BLACKPINK songs. The members will have many opportunities to show off their skills…

8. They will perform all cover songs, remix versions and collaboration songs

9. They will cover songs of other singers and dance solo…

10. New album songs + collaboration songs + solo songs, all they can do

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