BLACKPINK gets #1 on Billboard 200 but there’s no difference in units between TWICE and BLACKPINK

BLACKPINK gets #1 on Billboard 200

This is the first time in 21 years that a girl group ranked #1 on the UK and US charts at the same time

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“What’s more surprising is that they were able to get #1 on the Billboard 200 even with just 75,000 pure copiesㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Other groups sold at least 100,000 copies”

“Kids who keep talking about BLACKPINK’s ranking on Melon are patheticㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

“TWICE ranked #3 on Billboard 200 last time, but there is no difference in units between TWICE and BLACKPINK”

“They ranked #1 on Billboard 200 but their pure sales are even lower than TWICE’s in the US”

“They ranked #1 on Billboard 200 with about 100,000 units, I guess no big artist released songs at the same time as them”

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Ok hybe boy whatever floats your boat.. now why are u so obsessed with the pinks? Arent yall have collabs going on rn or sumn


90% this pannchoa post only negative things about twice and out of 10 8 posts were about BP and its members. And you are still saying this.


Chart placement for anything depends on the week and the competition. Yg made sure to release bp cb when it was weak bc they were felaying that sht for months so they can mediaplay. Hot100 too. ..if it was 1 year ago they would not have placed in top 50.


what does this have to do with hot100, twice couldnt enter hot100 a week after BP entered it, the charts where also “weak” when twice released btw, DJ Khaled only got 107k units, stop speaking of shit you dont know, also you are like 13 probably cus you dont know the meaning of the word mediaplay aslkdhajsk and you are so interested in hot100, bp bside charted higher than twice tt in bubbling under… lets laugh


Lmaooooo at this rate yall probably thinking yg knew and paid everything. You do realized that their cbs are scheduled like months before how do you even expect when the charts is high or weak. Typical army never beating that nut brain allegations. Go stream rm and jflop collab instead since the charts are that weak 😭🤣

WhatsThe Point

Bp released when the charts were the weakest.. #1 on hot100 needed only 220 points, that’s pathetic honestly.
Even with weak charts bp had to resort to discounting and such and buying parties and still couldn’t crack top 10 on hot100..

I remember Dyna and butter had 700-900 points competition for #1 on hot100.. with viral songs too


#1 spotify global daily
#1 spotify global weekly
#1 billboard global 200
#1 billboard global 200 exl US
#1 youtube music chart
#1 billboard 200
#1 UK official album chart


WhatsThe Point

You are talking like BTS haven’t achieved all of these and much more. Especially when the competition was tough and charts were the strongest


BP got more units than twice back in 2020 already pls hang it up HYBEboy, now look at the difference in streaming and we can talk, twice couldnt even surpass 2019 BP or even their junior stray kidz, they failed to even get 10M streaming, BP got 1 in UK too, and everyone is downplaying it, BP would had gotten the #1 in 2020 with more units than twice last release if they where not against a rapper album. post about in how many official charts twice charted this year vs BP come on

BORN PINK’ has achieved 17 top 10 entries on official charts so far.

#1 US
#1 South Korea
#1 Canada
#1 UK
#2 Australia, New Zealand, Scotland
#3 France, Germany, Belgium (F), Lithuania, Finland
#6 Norway
#7 Belgium (W)
#7 Netherlands
#8 Sweden
#10 Switzerland

how many entries have twice again? they couldnt even chart in South Korea, stop being obsessed with BP you fuck ass army undecover


And Twice did that with only 4 versions while bundlepink have 17


Graduating from dahyun’s school of lying be like


Lying about what? Billboard themselves counted how many versions bp was selling and how much they discounted those albums 3days after release

Last edited 2 months ago by Throwaway

Twice clearly didnt sell only 4 version 🤣🥱


keep her name outta your mouth! Your fellow blonks did enough to disgrace the whole fandom)


Now keep that energy to u and your fandom, gtfo the pinks and blinks business


And youre graduating from Jennie school of D!CK Sucking. Man her pussy is larger than black hole and CA Queen Lisa who thinks her mom fvked a N**ga and gave birth to her. Take shower once a week. Y’all mad that she skipped an ad. Pathetic and cyber bully fandom. Youre fighting here meanwhile jennie is svcking tae d!ck at night Gdragon d!ck at day and kai d!ck once in a while and Teddy oppa d!ck whenever they have a comeback. Worry about your girls being h0es. I’m a solo of Jisoo and I really want Jisoo to escape from that group


It’s because no one streamed twices songs. I think they should launch a search how twice got more sales than streams.

they just work like a bg, bg get pure sales but no streams
that’s why their 2nd week always drop below top10

this being one of those post that ifans can post
onces, give it up, move on


The thing is that YG still don’t send a lot of albums to US, I’m still waiting for mine 😭

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