BLACKPINK has higher contract renewal fees than BTS

BLACKPINK has higher contract renewal fees than BTSㄷㄷ..

BLACKPINK’s (Jisoo Jennie Lisa Rosé) contract renewal fee is confirmed to be the highest in the industry

BTS still maintains loyalty to their current management company and renewed their contract for another 7 years in October last year

The celebrity’s exclusive contract deposit is a ‘commercial secret’, but considering that intangible assets increased by exactly 7 billion won in last year’s financial report, it can be assumed that the contract deposit 1 billion won was assigned to each of the 7 members

1. 1 billion won per member????

2. Do you think BTS’ contract renewal fee of 1 billion won per person is reasonable?

3. Just ignore it.. Anyone can see that something is weird

4. YG posted a post saying it wasn’t 10 billion won

5. They didn’t say it wasn’t 10 billion won but said that the entire 41.1 billion won was not BLACKPINK’s deposit… That amount was not just BLACKPINK’s deposit

6. YG can’t lose BLACKPINK even if they give that amount of money and the contract renewal fee is not much compared to the profit earned

7. BTS members receive shares in HYBE but BLACKPINK members don’t have shares in YG

8. I don’t think that’s right

9. It’s funny to show off money to BTSㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. Because BTS is loyal to Big Hit

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