BLACKPINK has too few albums for their age

BLACKPINK (debuted August 8, 2016)

2 Forever Young
3 Really
4 See U Later

BLACKPINK’s first physical album was released 2 years after their debut

1 Kill This Love
2 Don’t Know What To Do
3 Kick It
4 Hope Not
5 DDU-DU DDU-DU (Remix)

BLACKPINK’s second album was released the following year

How You Like That
1 How You Like That

BLACKPINK’s first single album

1 How You Like That
2 Ice Cream (with Selena Gomez)
3 Pretty Savage
4 Bet You Wanna (Feat. Cardi B)
5 Lovesick Girls
6 Crazy Over You
7 Love To Hate Me
8 You Never Know

BLACKPINK’s first full album (First full album in 5 years)

1 Pink Venom
2 Shut Down
3 Typa Girl
4 Yeah Yeah Yeah
5 Hard to Love
6 The Happiest Girl
7 Tally
8 Ready For Love

BLACKPINK’s second full album


Single album to promote the game

A total of 6 BLACKPINK albums have been released to date (5 official albums + 1 game single)

When compared to 4th generation girl groups

Aespa debuted in 2020: A total of 4 physical albums
IVEdebuted in 2021: A total of 5 physical albums
LE SSERAFIM & NewJeans debuted in 2022: A total of 3 physical albums

1. Are there really only 8 songs in the full album?

2. Are they all Teddy’s songs?

3. It’s a shame that the full album has so few songs

4. There weren’t too many songs but the tour went well

5. They will sing a lot of cover songs on the tour

6. BLACKPINK’s tour only lasted less than 2 hours, so at least the number of songs was enough

7. Why are so many people angry?

8. I want to listen to more BLACKPINK songs, whether as a group or solo. Now that they have left YG, we can see more

9. There are so few songs… I really like Rosé’s voice but there’s nothing to listen to, I really want to listen to an album with 13 songs

10. That’s because they depend on Teddy…

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