BLACKPINK Jennie appears with a nose ring and sexy outfit at the Chanel jewelry event

BLACKPINK Jennie attended the Chanel jewelry event

1. I really like this styling, it’s so pretty… it suits her so well…

2. Jennie’s hairstyle suits her so well

3. Am I the only one who doesn’t like this outfit? Jennie could have been prettier

4. It doesn’t matter what Jennie wears, as long as she’s pretty~

5. She is seriously so cute when she smiles

6. The outfit was really bad but Jennie’s face saved it

7. No, only Jennie is pretty and her clothes are not. I don’t even know what the concept is

8. I thought it was a swimsuit

9. I always thought Nayeon looked like Jennie, but now Jennie looks like Nayeon

10. Jennie is pretty but why are her clothes like that?

11. Since the Met Gala, I’ve been feeling a bit disappointed with her outfits

12. Her hairstyle and makeup are okay, but her outfit isn’t that good

13. The dress was so short that it looked like underwear

14. This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen. Her clothes looked like underwear and her hair was messy

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