BLACKPINK Jennie looks like a mermaid for ‘Vogue’ May issue

BLACKPINK Jennie ‘Vogue’ May issue cover

1. Wow, it looks like a painting…..

2. Wow, she looks like a mermaid

3. Is she wearing contact lenses? This is my first time seeing this eye color of hers

4. BLACKPINK’s photos are always different and bold, she looks so good

5. Her aura is amazing

6. Her eyes are so pretty

7. Wow, so pretty, she looks like a mermaid

8. Her makeup is so pretty

9. I want her to try every concept, she’s good at doing things in her own style

10. Jennie is pretty but Chanel jewelry doesn’t really impress me anymore

11. This photo is crazy

12. Jennie is the best

13. Jennie is crazy, it’s summer already

14. Seriously, how is she always so good?

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