BLACKPINK Jennie seems to have had a great vacation

Jennie went on vacation to the Grand Canyon in mid-August
(She went there in the middle of her US tour)

She stayed at the Amangiri Resort hotel

Jennie’s Instagram

She ate delicious food (restaurant inside Amangiri)

She swam in Amangiri swimming pool

She went mountain climbing

She rode a horse

She swam in Lake Powell!

1. Who is the person who took these photos? That person is good at taking pictures

2. Jennie, you worked so hard…Thank you for uploading your vacation pictures

3. Daebak, I’m so jealous of her

4. I’m more curious about who took these pictures, they are so beautiful

5. I really want to go, I’m jealous of her

6. I’m really jealous ㅜㅜㅜ

7. Who took these pictures?

8. These pictures are amazing

9. I’m so jealous of Jennie’s life

10. I want to live like Jennie in my next life

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