BLACKPINK Jennie who has a legendary career as a model

BLACKPINK Jennie who has a legendary career as a model

Telecommunication company CF

Bed CF

Vita 500 CF

Soju CF

In addition, commercial CFs such as Dashing Diva, Beauty Curly, Lotte Confectionery, etc.

Hera changed their identity to Jennie

Gentle Monster changed their identity to Jennie

Tamburins changed their identity to Jennie

The first Porsche model of a Korean celebrity

Model of 5 fashion brands
Chanel/Calvin Klein/Jacquemus/Maison Kitsune/Adidas

Calvin Klein ambassador launches collection and sells out

Decorating billboard in New York 10 times, the dream of famous foreign models

29 global campaigns

First celebrity to appear on the cover of 6 top Korean magazines (Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, W, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Marie Claire)

Jennie is the artist on the cover of Korean magazines the most

1. Jennie is a legend

2. She must have earned over 10 billion won just from advertising fees… She’s seriously amazing

3. Everything Jennie does seems trendy

4. She makes good use of her face and body, so she does so well in campaign and magazine photos. She is a legend

5. I think she earned more than 100 billion won

6. No matter what she does, she’s so hot

7. She must be so busy

8. Because it’s Jennie!

9. All the brands she models for are suitable for her

10. She is a legend of all time

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