BLACKPINK Jennie will feature in Zico’s new song and will appear in the MV

[Exclusive] BLACKPINK Jennie, supporting Zico’s 10th anniversary comeback “Completed recording and MV filming”

BLACKPINKJennie supports singer Zico’s comeback on the 10th anniversary of her solo debut

According to Ten Asia’s news on the 4th, Jennie will feature in Zico’s new song celebrating Zico’s 10th anniversary, which will be released later this month, and will also appear in the music video

1. Hul I’m looking forward to it

2. Wow, I’m looking forward to the combination of Zico and Jennie

3. Wow, this is a combination I never thought of, but it looks good

4. I’m really happy because Jennie is doing so well these days

5. Wow so crazy.. I have high hopes for Zico and Jennie

6. Looking at the actions of BLACKPINK members these days, I realize that YG is a company with many problems, they have all done very well in opening their own companies

7. The two names alone get me excited

8. I’m really looking forward to the song

9. I’m really curious about what Zico’s song with Jennie will sound like

10. Zico and Jennie are the perfect combination

11. Wow, Zico said he wanted to collaborate with BLACKPINK. Oh my God, it’s amazing

12. Jennie works hard!

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