BLACKPINK Jennie’s fandom’s statement regarding her and V’s dating rumors

BLACKPINK Jennie’s fandom “The silence of the company is tragic, rumors are being spread indiscriminately”

1. I don’t think they’re fans

2. No statement = it’s true. If they’re not dating, why don’t they deny it?

3. I don’t care if they’re dating or not, but you guys need to stop writing hate comments

4. V and Jennie look good together, right? This happened because they were dating each other. Looks like V loves Jennie so much

5. Please sue those who spread malicious rumors!

6. It’s true, so they didn’t deny it..

7. I understand how they feel when they make this statement, but looking at the agency’s statement, I think they shouldn’t do anything ㅜㅜ

8. Are they refusing to admit that they are dating?

9. But if it’s not true, why doesn’t the agency deny it?

10. Foreign fans…. Please don’t do anything….ㅠ

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