BLACKPINK Jisoo and Kim Yuna stunned netizens when attending the Dior show

BLACKPINK Jisoo and Kim Yuna attended the Dior show

1. Jisoo looks like a princess and Yuna is a queen

2. Yuna is always cool

3. Jisoo seriously has a lovely image that Koreans like

4. Dior Jisoo never fails.. F*cking pretty

5. The princesses are all so pretty. Both are pretty in different ways

6. Wow Jisoo’s clothes are so pretty

7. Kim Yuna is a sports star but how can she be so pretty? I’m surprised every time I see her

8. Both are so pretty and luxurious

9. Jisoo’s outfit is really unique and pretty

10. They’re both so pretty… Jisoo’s outfit today feels like a combination of a princess and a knight but so pretty

11. Jisoo is like a princess

12. Yuna has the aura of a high-end fashion model…

13. Kim Yuna isn’t even a celebrity, so how can she be so pretty?

14. Kim Yuna is crazy, I really think Kim Yuna is the prettiest in the world

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