Showing how the least popular member of a group suddenly became PFW´s IT GIRL. I can`t stant the media player forcing this girl.

Let`s start with denying fake news

The Morgan Stanley report of Dior being FASTEST GROWING PLAYER is from 2019 when she was nowhere connected to dior! . Jisoo become ambassador in 2021.

Here’s the article link:

Test is this year`s recent article and is referring to all ambassadors jisoo was neva mentioned in Morgan Stanley report, stay on topic for once

This is another lie based on a single instagram post from ellekorea without any proof to prove it other than videos of the show and fans talk as if this was the high point of the fav’s career.

But when we google it the first things that come up are the group’s fan accounts on twitter and other small blogs and all the articles came up after ellekorea posted it i.e. no one has checked if it’s real or not.

This a lie too. It was known that something strange was happening when the least liked girl of that group appeared leading the list!

LEFTY is a marketing company blog that came out in 2015 they had no engagement they started posting about EMV in 2019. they gained engagement after they started posting about jisoo in first and blackpink in top 10 in EMV ranking

The source being @lefty

The follower count not even correct. what else didn`t they change to make them in the top 4

LEFTY on social networks




On their twitter they have the top 10 and a link but the link has nothing about the people who are in the top 10 without explaining how they did the calculations. all articles about the top PFW influencer are taken from this account that has no basis even on google this list only came into existence after blackpink started attending PFW to boost the ego of the favs and the fandom since everything is related to that they are the ones who spread.

The google searches as proof THAT 80% of it comes from their fanbases

This is also a lie it was just word of mouth on the internet the brands never confirmed anything but the fans talk like it’s true

they are supposedly so popular but the europe tour is happening in the arena and dior that only did a single global campaign with her but is always engaging anya taylor joy that even in the commercial for the brand had more screen time than jisoo that is global ambassador who is supposedly PFW’s IT GIRL

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may armys perish

Armys are so jobless.

may armys perish

I sent an e-mail to’s legal department about this post and sent a link with screenshots of this blog. You better hope those statements you wrote mentioning their name are factual or you’re in for a ride, Trinity. ☺️

Now that you mentioned WWD, I’ll be sending one to them, too.

Last edited 4 days ago by may armys perish

pls do my research with this energy as well!!!

may armys perish

Their research isn’t even accurate so you’ll get the energy but your professor will probably fail you lol

They only point out and try to ruin their credibility but Jisoo’s data on Launchmetrics is great as well. She’s Launchmetric’s top performing celeb of 2022 so’s data isn’t far off. That’s TWO unrelated data companies providing the same results.


Oh no whatever will lefty do 😭

Last edited 3 days ago by Tng
may armys perish

The real link to the 2023 WWD post mentioning Jisoo is this link, not the one you gave so who is the one lying now?

Someday, all of the lies Armys make about other artists will come back to their faves and the world will just watch you get your karma. What goes around comes around.


Lmao you can’t understand simple statements I see. Pop crave misinterpreted that WWD article and y’all went with it that’s what op is saying lmao. They’re not crediting Diors success to Treesoo like y’all desperately want them to 😭

Rathinda Amor

army are smart. crosschecking datas and evidents has always been their forte and fandom culture.
started way back when exol accused big hit doing saejagi for BTS. They save receipts since then

may armys perish

Army analysis of data and facts is lower than a grade schooler. Your fandom just depends on what your other fandom mates tell you like sheep without looking for facts yourselves.

Last edited 4 days ago by may armys perish
Rathinda Amor

no it is not. BTS success alone is the prove of how driven and fact based army are in trying to put BTS at the top. They succeded. That’s why Hybe Chairman and namjoon himself credited ARMY for what BTS achieved so far.
There are marketing researchers, data analyst, PhD etc in the fandom who does this in a profesional ways

may armys perish

You and your friends are a part of a cult, sis.


chill 😙

Rathinda Amor

it’s actually easy crosschecking all of that data.only take minutes and reading comprehension skills. something that kiddies like you can’t do


Nah, you are


army: I do nothing & get involved in stupid 💩 it’s not our fault that your girlie is a media play queen

may armys perish

Army: *claims to do nothing on the comments section of a stupid article filled with wrong info made by their fellow fandumb member. *



Its actually more pathetic the number of lies your fanbases post about dome pretty pathetic “achievements” its on theblevel of super junior fanbases with their “first udol to open a cafe” achievement

Hi, I'm Guest

It’s called multitasking 😌 not our fault your fanbase only can copy what ARMY did & only can do 1 thing at 1 time (well, except for lying for ur dozens so called achievements). Even u inspired by ARMY. Who are u even without ARMY in your name? Just a useless blonker who ate whatever shits their dozens threw hmm… 🤭


Wow popcrave is indeed a blink


Of course popcrave and popbase are obviously biased

based misandrist

yeah and good for them it’s over for your ricecel faves

Rathinda Amor

it’s far over for BP. I don’t think they would renew their contracts as a group.
Lisa alone get lucrative deals that would catapult herself above BP if she take it.


queen of all dozens

queen 🐝

She is the least popular member of BP, how tf would she have that much impact more than the other girls? I’d believe it if it were Jennie and Lisa


no can take some of these armys seriously. this post will stay stuck on pannkpop, only hyped by armys themselves and op will still stuck frying fries on mcd, hating on unproblematic jisoo unprovoked and lying bout her impact just bc jimin is named as dior’s global ambassador only after korea goverment stopped giving false hope that bts won’t enlist hence jin had to enlist immediately which ruined hybe plan. they have a hard time swallowing the facts that jisoo been topping the list of influencers and bringing impact to dior even before jimin breathe next to delphine arnault wearing the suit that rob pattinson wore for last pfw 😂 byee


Lmao you talk about armys spreading false info and you’re doing the same 😭 all this started because you lot are super threatened by Jimin taking away your faves one and only achievement in a matter of few days 😭😭 byeee

Hi, I'm Guest

I mean where else u want it to stuck at? World’s Guinness Record? World History Book?? Jisoo top influencer was in 2022 where non of the BTS member was actively an ambassador last year & rarely go to fashion show while ur dozens was in & out to fashion events like it was their 3 course meals. Jisoo with her pathetic engagement rate while cannot get 200mil EMV despite posting a total of 48 posts throughout the 2022? How more mid can these influencers want to be?? 😌 Dozenly mid to an infinity extend

Jimin ugly ass must die

Army really jobless. Is it bc pigmin?


I can’t decide whether this is written by other BP’s member akgae or pjm akgae. If you ask people which celebs that they relate to with luxury brands, nobody will mention any of these kpop idols unless they are kpop fans. They are only used for the hype since most of their customers are Asians. You go to Paris and peek into a luxury brand store and count how many locals you can find there compared to Asian tourists. Kpop idols are only ambassadors on paper, no impact whatsoever. When every nugu idols can be one, it is no longer special. Only their fans make it as one when in reality, they only recognized western artists.


Could ya’ll take your stupid ass beef back to Twitter please?

It's whatever

T wouldn’t be the first time I see kpop fas creating their own media page to lift up their faves, like Nubia Magazine lmao
I do agree that every information must come with source. It’s like Brand Reputation, nobody knows how that’s calculated, they just put names on random


Armys and the endless inferiority complex.. If they have this much free time, they better be streaming their faves solo songs instead


We all know only Jennie is IT girl



Jimin must die

Pigmin stan no worries I’ll make sure pigmin’s family knows his animal fans attitude since I know his father social media I’ll make sure his father died from heart attack


The author is probably a TWICE fan or BTS fan.


Armys are weirdos like who has the time lmaooo

Rathinda Amor

it could also come from other BP girls solo stan. you all bickering each other like no other. It’s free entertainment.


Like y’all ain’t on those girl’s business 24/7 I don’t stan them but army’s obsession with them is well known lol

I'll kill pigmin's family

Its okay I’ll make sure jimin dad died from stroke

Jesus will kill pigmin

Jimin will die from car accidents this year AMEN

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