BLACKPINK Jisoo, the first Asian on the cover of French Vogue

Jisoo, the first Asian on the cover of French Vogue

BLACKPINK Jisoo on the cover of French Vogue March issue

Photographed by Hugo Comte

1. Jisoo is seriously so pretty

2. I should buy this as a souvenir

3. It’s great that she’s the first Asian on the cover of French Vogue

4. I have to buy this, I really have to buy it as a souvenir!!!

5. It’s great to see French Vogue with Korean words right on it

6. F*cking pretty, Jisoo’s red lips make me fall in love

7. Well, seriously amazing.. Seriously, even top models can’t do it; Besides, I’m proud that Jisoo is the only Asian

8. BLACKPINK is doing so well

9. French magazine? Seriously crazy

10. She looks like a queen

11. Jisoo is f*cking pretty

12. I’m so proud of Jisoo

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Blonks stop lying challenge. “First Asian”? No. That was Du Juan.

Last edited 1 month ago by Ditto
meow meow

they must’ve been confused bcs vogue france used to be vogue paris and du juan was on the cover when it was still vogue paris




tamnnnnn ANOTHER fan quick to view and press the article and comment section YES i know she’s magnificent

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Thee dozen of kpop


Armshit are so fast, at this rate they are basically a blink

Taste that savage

Nobody doing it like the Queen

seungri is free

Gj midsoo 🙂 whats about singing or dancing? Fckin peace of wood

John. Xina

What does she have less of? Talent? Relevance or a chin? Who knows.

Magazine covers bought by YG didn’t help her when her show bombed in ratings and her CCP sick riding acting career ended after 1 credit so when her songs tanks worse than ugly cunt Lizard we’ll laugh.


At this rate yg literally bought the entire planet




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Dozen of kpop pushed soo much by yg. Atleast push others they r talented

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