BLACKPINK Lisa bought a $4 million villa in Beverly Hills, US

BLACKPINK Lisa bought a $4 million villa in Beverly Hills

Pop star Lisa of the South Korean girl group Blackpink has just scooped up a newly renovated Beverly Hills haven for $3.95 million.

“It’s a magical property…You pull up in Beverly Hills, and you feel transported.”

It is said to be worth about 5.5 billion won

1. It’s cheaper than I thought

2. I thought Beverly Hills was the size of UN Village, but it’s so big… it’s like a district in Seoul

3. How much money has BLACKPINK earned?

4. Park Na-rae’s house in Hannam-dong is similarly priced

5. The exterior and interior are both beautiful

6. Wow, I think 5.5 billion won is worth the money; How can you buy such a house in Seoul for 5.5 billion won?

7. She bought it for her music activities in the US, right? I’m looking forward to her solo

8. Management fees seem to be more expensive than house prices

9. It would be great to have a home in each country

10. Lisa really looks like a Hollywood star now

11. Does she plan to pursue musical activities in the US or is this a resort?

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