BLACKPINK Lisa fans are cyberbullying other three BLACKPINK members

The rise of cyberbullying in the K-pop world is becoming more apparent with the increasing popularity of social media platforms.

Out of all fandoms, Lisa fans especially have a huge history of bullying other idols through online hate campaigns.

After the recent incident, netizens are now worried for those idols who receive constant harassment from these bullies.

Idols who are getting harassed by Lisa fans:

1. Jennie : Jennie is the biggest target of their hate campaign. Jennie receives insane amount of slut-shaming and death threats from Lisa fans everyday on platforms like Twitter and Weibo. On Weibo, Lisa fans started a black hashtag (hot search) against Jennie few months back. They are the ones starting false rumors between Jennie and G-Dragon.

2. Rosé : Lisa fans were indulged in mass hate campaign under Rosé’s comment section on Instagram.

3. Jisoo : These people attacked Jisoo for surpassing Lisa’s album sales.

4. Momo : Recently Lisa fans attacked Twice member Momo because she performed pole dancing in a concert.

5. Dahyun : Lisa fans attacked Dahyun over skipping Lisa’s MV.

6. BTS members : Lisa fans attack all BTS members unprovoked. They attacked Jungkook and called him derogatory names over a Charlie Puth Collab. They also sent death threats to V for signing up with Celine. They have been attacking Jimin a lot too.

7. Lily : Lisa fans slandered Lily of Nmixx last year during Nmixx’s debut and the reason was absurd. They made a terrible conclusion that Lily is copying Lisa’s hairstyle and overall looks and started attacking the child.

These are just few examples among 100s.

Lisa deserves better fans.

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Y’all have been obsessed with lisa lately, especially jendogs even ur big accounts were exposed reporting her videos on their gc , y’all have been harassing her calling her monkey, made up fake rumours about her dating a married man and harassed him on instagram he had to speak up, harassed her poor cousin she had to speak up too, dragg her mom 24/7 , reporting her accounts, where are big blink accounts when lisa is being harassed, only care about her if u wanna use her achievements for fanwars, or set her up . Bunch of hypocrites


Lisa gets so much hate everyday but I’ve never seen blinks defend her like the other members. that’s why her fans have to double their efforts to protect her. Jen solo fans have been harassing her for days since Coachella not one blonk said anything about it.


Lisa ate Coachella didn’t she, she got y’all crying for days now😂

choke on a stick

most toxic ass fandom i have ever encountered, i hope they eat themselves alive and spare the other groups

these stray dogs need to be put down like the rapid mutt that they are

maki san

lisa’s fandom have to fight all the time cause kpoopies are obsessed with her, even blonks won’t leave her alone, what did the girl ever do to you i still don’t know


that’s ratmies and jendogs you’re right


no dumb just blonks


rose fans sent death threats to roling stones he literally posted about it , but ofcourse it’s lisa


Lisa have the worst fans, somebody free her from those trash 🚩


nah jendogs and other fandoms are just as bad but you turn blind when it comes to them, also maybe if blinks deffended her like they do with other members, and y’all stoped hating her and leave her alone . and stop setting her up



Last edited 7 months ago by purple blood
maki san

attack lisa-> get clap back-> start crying and playing the victim


jendog wren’t y’all just dragging her because she’s too energitic and loud on carpool karoke, didn’t you report her accouts cause she was going viral? professional victims and liers


she going viral where? jennie is the get viral from Coachella ,and carpool karaoke not a m,music festival ,it didn’t even have 3 mil views in yt ,like be real


Werent you all the one spreading hate towards lisa when tae posted picture
with her in his Instagram


The most fvcking trash fandom is RATMY


The trash fandom is you guys. How yall having internal fandom issues and blaming someone else? Only your fandom would blame someone else for your problems. This post is clearly talking about the solo stans in your fandom.

Last edited 7 months ago by Alex

ratmies acting like saints is peak comedy


No one said armys are saints it’s you guys who pretends to be saints, play victims, & blame others for shit yall started or happening in your own fandom. Just like now you’re not taking accountability for your own internal fandom drama and blaming others for being worse.


It’s funny how y’all normalise harassing Lisa and even her family sometimes like she isn’t human but when lilies give half the energy back we’re suddenly demons. Get off our d*ck we’ll stay being toxic until y’all stop disrespecting Lisa it’s really that simple.


Nah didn’t y’all slut shames her for that even straight up sexually harassing her, weren’t y’all spamming her mothers insta with hate comments, not to go editing her to excuse reporting her insta, now y’all are playing the victim
Master class gaslighters i’m actually impressed lol


You’re the ones who spammed her instagram just because your imaginary husbands posted an ad with her, pathetic smelly white cows


This is a blink post so who are you talking to.


Haven’t you heard that male idol M.B committed suicide. OT4 fans couldn’t stand up to protect Lisa when antis cursed at her, at the peak of Coachella, wasn’t Lisa doing so well that many people wanted to report her viral video. If OT4 can’t protect it, Lisa will only have Lilies. Think about what if Lisa read trash from antis. Lilies has always stood by Lisa’s side so even though there are some members that are a bit too much, I still defend them because they stood up to protect Lisa from the antis. Forever love Lilies 💛


Wait actually Rosé gets the most hate these days, especially from Lisa stans and Jenlisas. On Weibo there’s a group of 100,000 ppl and they just hate on her and drag her looks every day


Lisa is the most hated kpop idol that even her mother gets harass on her Instagram account. Someone post about Armys attacking Lisa’s mom.

WhatsThe Point

Are we forgetting it all started with y’all.


No it didn’t you retard


And someone posted about how it’s your own breed starting the drama by calling V a fad and nasty names. Yall set lisa & her mom up for likes so when shit blows up yall always play the victim & blame army. Take some accountability & stop playing victims all the time


You rats were already harassing her over a pan kpop posted by your breed sl*t your wr*st


Lisa stans harassed Rosé’s sister so many times….


Can you guys stop this bullshit bullying ,harassing to someone can you stop this fanwars for the sake of people around you ,can you just leave them a alone , no one can win this fight each fandom , can you be more matured and being respectful to your idol for once in your life time , now one idol passing a away because of hate they received and you are here fight about who is the queen or most successful idol ,damn can you be fair sometimes, let them breathe for god sick , you all fight for what ? You here fight , hating to idol that they give them best then what they received a bunch of hate , not enough for you that your idol is successful.. can you be more open minded that every hate you throw them can lead them dead , I hope one of you accept the fact that your idol is human not robot ..


hmm… blinks fighting blinks. sounds good to me 👍

Jimin faq Jungkook in the a$$ 🍑

Armpits mind your own business challenge


a post about bullying written by a solo blink 😭😭

least self-aware fandom

Jimin faq Jungkook in the a$$ 🍑

I blame armchairs
Anyway…jimin fook jungk99k in the 🍑

Last edited 7 months ago by Jimin faq Jungkook in the a$$ 🍑
Jimin faq Jungkook in the a$$ 🍑

Why can’t I post pictures here? 😫


she has the most toxic solos in kpop ,they’re a psycho and illogical,others no kpop idols who has spare from their ,they lose mora over fanwar and their biggest threat is always jennie and they bullied her ,send death threat to her even made her cry in inodesia samsung event ,i hope lisa left that group so that her stans don’t bully,slander other idols anymore ,what they doing for years will came back for their ,i hope to god ,they will feel every pain ,every rumor 5 times more than they spread ,deserved


What’s the point of this, it’s not like people will stop doing shitty things and as if those people who do that are even here.
Every fandom has shitty people and there is nth anyone can do about it.
Competition who is shittier is pointless.


lizard is the most dumb and toxic fandom


Lisa’s fans were always toxic, fake and desperate from the debut days and they put the girls and their family through hell. Last couple of years other solo stans started to do the same since this is what they deserve and suddenly Lizards became innocent angels?? lol. They get what they deserve and Lisa too since she’s always been fake and desperate as much as her fans.

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