BLACKPINK Lisa updates Instagram with Rosalia who is the singer that LE SSERAFIM is suspected of copying her

BLACKPINK Lisa updates Instagram with Rosalia

They are best friends, they meet after Coachella, go to art galleries and hang out while drinking Thai tea!

1. I’m so jealous of Lisa… Rosalia is the best hot girl to me for many years, her music and performance are good

2. Is this the person that LE SSERAFIM copied?

3. The two of them look like dollsㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. Rosalia is so cute and stylish

5. Is that Rosalia from LE SSERAFIM’s controversy today? She’s so cute

6. Lisa’s proportions are really crazy, I can’t believe she’s not 170

7. I’m so jealous of Lisa’s life

8. It’s HYBE’s fault, why do you guys blame LE SSERAFIM?

9. Rosalia, please come to Korea!!!! I know a lot of your good songs thanks to LE SSERAFIM

10. Wow, they’re so cute, the two of them have the same energy

11. Wow Lisa, why are you so pretty these days?

12. But Rosé is so pretty

13. I know Rosalia thanks to LE SSERAFIM

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